CP7737 1/2" Angle Impact Wrench Air Tool CP7737 BenefitsHigh DurabilityCompact PowerfulComfortGreat..

CP7732C 1/2" Impact Wrench - Chicago PneumaticBenefitsUltra LightweightEasy operationCompactPowerful..

CP7748 1/2" Impact Wrench CP7748 BenefitsMost powerful tool on the market in its class: 922 ft.lbs..

CP7762 BenefitsULTRA CompactLightweightPowerfulOperator Comfort & Easy to handleHight Durability..

OFFER - £108.04 +vatBenefitsGeneral MaintenanceClutch delivers smooth and comfortable operationRobus..

BenefitsGeneral MaintenanceSmooth operation thanks to the DYNA-PACT clutchComfortable use thanks to ..

CP7782-6 1" Impact Wrench CP7782-6 BenefitsHigh efficiency motor, yet economical with durable reinf..

CP7763 3/4" Impact Wrench CP7763 BenefitsPowerfulComfort & compactVersatileBest ratio price per..

CP7901 BenefitsReduced vibration for operator comfort and controlMaximize operator comfort and produ..

CP7732 1/2" Impact Wrench Air ToolCP7732 BenefitsBest power to weight ratio: 450 ft-lbs / 610 NmUltr..

CP2780 Chicago Pneumatic 1/4" Screwdriver CP2780 BenefitsPerfectly designed for wood applicationsOp..

CP2755 1/4" SCREWDRIVER CP2755 BenefitsGood for soft draw applicationsFast screw rundownCompact &am..

BenefitsGeneral maintenance application High operator comfortPower and performanceIdeal for limited ..

BenefitsGeneral maintenance applicationHigh operator comfortPower and performanceIdeal for limited s..

PivotWare provides innovative process control systems solutions for assembly operation to Aerospace ..

BenefitsRobustAccurateStrong lightweight reaction arm LightweightFeaturesReplaceable protective cove..

BenefitsGeneral maintenance applications Lightweight but rugged housingDurability and performanceFea..

BenefitsGeneral maintenance applications Lightweight rugged housingDurability and performanceFeature..

BenefitsOperator comfort with ergonomic palm shapeProductivity increased with low vibrations levelPo..

BenefitsOperator comfort with ergonomic palm shapeProductivity increased with low vibration levelPow..

BenefitsPrecise control and flexibilitySmooth operationOperator comfortFeatures6" (150 mm) electric ..

BenefitsOperator comfortExcellent for paint removal, weld sanding, smoothing and rust removal in tig..

BenefitsExcellent for paint removal, smoothing and rust removal in limited space applicationsFeature..

BenefitsMaximize operator comfort and controlSmooth operationLow vibrations to maximize productivity..

CP6060-P15H - 3/4" Super Industrial Impact Wrench - Chicago Pneumatic New
BenefitsMarket leading comfort thanks to the 2-Jaw clutchSuperior Quality resisting to worst conditi..

BenefitsHigh productivity for general maintenanceMaximize operator comfortPower suitable for many ap..

CP6641 1" Nutrunner - Chicago Pneumatic New
BenefitsRobustAccurateStrong lightweight reaction armFeaturesReplaceable protective cover Reliable G..

Dynafile II 40320 3/4" x 18 - Dynabrade -25%
.5 hp, 7 Degree Offset, 20,000 RPM, Front Exhaust, for 1/4"-3/4" W x 18" L (6-19 mm x 457 mm) BeltsG..
£501.00 £375.75

GAV5 is one of our best-sellers. GAV5 weighs  5.6 kg, respectively. Its piston diameter is 28 m..

The GAV9 is supplied with a muffler and weighs  9.8 kg. It has a 36 mm piston diameter wit..

BenefitsIndustrial maintenance duty and designed for smooth operation and extended tool lifeSuitable..

Features6" (150 mm) random orbital palm sander3/16" (5 mm) orbitPowerful 0.3 hp (210 W) motorSoft gr..

BenefitsPowerfulLightweightSUPER DurabilityOperator Comfort & Easy to UseUser FriendlyConvenient..